The Logical Lamp an initiative of Uvaansh Enterprise

We are a STEM based academy. S.T.E.M stands for Science Technology Engineering and Maths, now Art is also a part of stem. The focus is on hands-on learning with real world application that helps develop a variety of skill sets including creativity and problem solving. We are introducing stem with the age group of 3-8 year olds because stem education in early childhood allows children to begin to learn and retain knowledge base that they can build on as they get older. Establishing these concepts at an early age (infancy to 3rd grade), when young minds are most malleable, establishes lifelong thinking skills.

Introducing our very own Lamplighters!

Surbhi Bagla!

The Magic of Building STEM Education is her power!
A chartered Accountant by profession and an educator by passion!
Playful by nature, She is thoughtful & imaginative when it comes to starting with new learning in life!
Her two moods are either cheery or panicky!
But as Mother hen of The Logical Lamp, she will always be the one who would help in developing your child’s mind & vision!

Gaurav Bagla!

A successful businessman done his Business Diploma in Family managed business from SP jain Global Business school! Always open to new opportunities around.
An ability to await the best, always up for motivating & positive thoughts out loud!
Discipline & being focused on growth is what he looks forward to!
That is how Gaurav has been the successful businessman he is today with all the hard work & patience he has enveloped!

Uvaansh Bagla!

Here’s to the star of The Logical Lamp, Uvaansh! 

The kid who inspired us to bring the S.T.E.M Academy culture to the city of joy! 

To make the lives of the kids growing and better for their future endeavors.

First and only stem academy in kolkata

Curriculum, Material and Teacher Training from USA Counterpart

Modern and premium infrastructure.

Trained teachers

Classroom strength 6-8 kids

Self growth and inner child development

After school weekly program

Customized curriculum as per child’s need and development

Monitoring of Recorded progress of each child by parents and senior management.